About Me

My Story - Most of us desis here know that we have not grown up around 'car' savvy dads , who maintain his own home garage and do repairs on his own. Heck, owning a car itself was a luxury than a necessity. (Think the 70s-80s).  It turned out I was the odd one out. When I was growing up in Delhi, my dad would fix his own cars even do an engine rebuild as a hobby. Some times, when he didn’t want to get dirty he would take it to his favorite local mechanic in  East of Kailash. I was his assistant throughout. Not even a single trip to a mechanic I would deny. I was a tinkerer myself too and some things came pretty much natural to me.

Fast forward of few years I find myself here where Car or SUV is a necessity. If you are not careful during buying and maintaining of your car, or if you skip a thing or two, it can prove to be nastily expensive and too late as well.
By the time I was done with my MS I had owned about 6 cars. I would do all the maintenance, oil change, brakes, filters, plugs, distributor, and timing belt and so on. I do not remember visiting a mechanic or dealer or Meineke or Midas. Fellow desis considered "under the hood" as mystery area and would constantly seek me out for their car worries. I was always giving advises and even helping others shop used cars , and also help with maintenance and repair. After I finished school, a lot of my friends in jobs and were seeking out to get new or newer used cars. My phone would constantly ring.
Couple of years down, I was visiting a buddy. His roommate had recently leased a new Hyundai.
The math did not make a lot of sense. Now, I am not against leases, I have put several friends in 3yr/36K  mid range luxury car leases at attractive rates and minimum downs. The roommate’s previous car was a 2000 Honda he got for $1900.00 while he was in school. But what came later my jaw dropped !!!. In the 2 yrs he had the car, he had spent more than $2500 at these franchise repairs shops for "maintenance" (you know who). He just couldn’t be bothered by it anymore and settled for an insensible lease. Thankfully he had saved the entire bills/work sheet in a folder. I flipped thru it one by one and realized he really needed just the $200 work that was for the brakes - a thing I do myself on my cars. Basically every time he went in for an oil change, they would up sell him to 'Fix' other 'issues' and 'troubles'.  What his car really needed was a muffler, (an $80 part + labor) at a local muffler shop. And none of these mechanics found that as an issue - guess why? - They did not do mufflers.
It was at that time, that I decided to do something about it....
So here I am to give you a pat on your back, save you tons of money. I have lots of tips and on your 'face' advices and tell you that "Yes you can do it". Spend a few minutes reading up and you can save serious money on buying new/used cars, doing your own maintenance (DIY) and get good value on a re-sale. So my friends, let cars, suvs and light trucks be not a mystery anymore. I have done almost most repairs that you can think of on all sorts of cars, trucks - basic, sports  to luxury I have owned.
If you have any questions check the discussions or post a question.