Auto Buying Introduction

Introduction :-

Where as your smart phones are updated every 6 months and iPhones in under 1 year or so , most car models are re-freshed on an average between 5 to 6 years. In most cases, for a lot of reasons it makes sense to purchase cars that are with in 2-3 years old and are the current models. Important reason being that , you don't have to pay for the depreciation for the early years.  I have classified the purchases to categories depending upon usage.

1.) Brand NEW (This Year or Next Year Model with 0 to 50 Miles on the ODO)

2.) Used 2-3 Years (About 20-45K Miles )

3.) Used 4-5 Years (About 45-70K Miles )

4.) Used > 5 Years (About > 79K Miles)

5.) Used > 10 year (About > 100K Miles)

6.) Used > 15 year (About > 150K Miles)


The categories 1,2 and 3 are for new and current model cars , where financing might be involved. Categories 4,5 and 6 are mostly for budget conscious buyers or for school,who are mostly cash buyers. In this category 8 out of 10 times the value lies in purchasing cars of Japanese origin.

Hopefully by now you have identified the Model/Make of the car you need. I don't have a lot to offer in your car selection. Primarily you should be able to answer these questions to help decide the make/model.

1.) Is this your primary daily driver ?

2.) Is this car or mini-van for Kids and extended family ?

3.) Cost of fuel and Maintenance

3.) Is it a car for leisure or performance ?

4.) Is this a gas saving beater car for you ?

5.) Plan to lease or buy ?

6.) Your budget and finances

7.) Reliability and low on maintenance ?

8.) Re-sale ability and re-sale value.

After you have identified, you may want to do an internet search on the model and find out about its problems,issues and recalls. Also find out when the next model year is coming out. Some cars might be plagued with design issues, that may be a deal killer and you might decide on another make/model. So a research early on can help you better figure out the models you may consider to buy. This is also a good time to see how much these sell for, or the retail price of these cars.