Auto Insurance - How to save and get discounts ?

How to save on auto insurance and get discounts.

Here is the list of major providers :- State Farm, AllState, Travelers,GEICO,AAA, Nationwide, Liberty , Progressive etc. These companies may not provide service in all the states. In addition to these big name companies, each state will have their own small insurance providers that are serviced through agents or representatives in the area. Some times when you are buying insurance for the first time , these smaller providers can give you better rates than the big names. So keep that in mind when you start shopping. Call a local agent , visit them and get a printed quote right away.

Because auto coverage and rates are highly specific, your annual premium could vary greatly from that amount. Your rates depend on: age, driving record,your vehicle ,vehicle's age and where you live. The major parts of your insurance costs are Liability,Collision and Comprehensive, with each accounting for a distinct part of the premium you pay.  Knowing this information, you can still cut your costs. By tailoring your coverage to what you really need and then shopping around carefully, you can get a better deal on your insurance. Here are some important tips to get cost effective insurance :-

1.) Here the very first rule is :- Shop around with several insurance companies first. You can get comparison quotes from several providers online at the same time. Pay your local agent a visit.

2.) Raising your deductible from the common $200/$250/500 limit to $1000 can cut 15-25 percent a year from your insurance bill. So you have potential savings against the higher out-of-pocket expenses you'll incur if you file a claim.

3.) For older cars, you may be able to drop comprehensive and collision coverage entirely. If the car is more than 6-8 years old, consider this option.

4.) VIN# Window Etching can Lower Your Insurance Premiums.

5.) Defensive Driver Courses :- Taking defensive driving courses is another way to get a discount on your auto insurance rates. Just like all the rest of them, not every company offers this discount, but many do. It can represent as much as ten percent off on your premium.

6.) Payment Method Discount :- A lot of insurance companies offer a discount if you set up some form of automated payment. This can be an auto debit to a checking account - a scheduled charge to a credit card or something else. Sometimes when you pay a onetime upfront for 6 Months there is a discount.

7.) Bundling Discounts -If you buy multiple types of insurance from the same provider you can often save money. That means if you get your life insurance, auto insurance and home-owners insurance from the same company, they will likely give you discounts on each and every one of them.

8.) Don't forget to find out about vehicles with safety devices,ABS,anti-theft alarms etc

9.) Assess and Revaluate - Insurance needs and premium costs every six months - At the end of six months make sure to get quote from 2-3 competing providers to decide which one to go with.