Battery Symptom and Replacement Guide

Most batteries have a life span of 3 to 7 years depending on the quality and ambient weather. After 3 to 4 year you should be on the look out for the set of symptoms that result from a weak battery. Symptoms included car unable to start or the starter doing weak cranks.

Now 2 other events can also cause this scenario - First being ,battery getting discharged by a light not turned off. Second being the alternator going bad in which the battery was not being charged. Usually what I do is charge the battery for 8-10 hrs using an external battery charger and see if it holds charge. 

You can also go to your nearest Discount Parts store and have it tested by them for FREE.   Before you go to the store, find out where the battery is located in your car and identify the model type. Most owners manual will have some information or you  can look it up online. In some cars the battery is not in plain sight and often kept in the trunk corners or under the rear of passenger seats. In those cases you can expect the hood area to have the charging / Jumping terminal ( a thick one) covered by a red cap (refer manual).

So for Testing your battery , the store assistant at the parts store might need help to know here the battery is or where the charging terminals are. If you find out you need a new battery, you can buy either from wallys , DPS or even from the Authorized Dealer. These usually come with 3 or 5 year warranty. Sometimes these stores offer to replace for free that you can take advantage off. The used battery will be re-cycled by them. Changing your own battery is pretty easy. Make sure to purchase some battery terminal Vaseline or have vase ling handy at home.

   Changing procedure :-

    1.) Remove and disconnect both terminals :- If terminals are stuck tight due to corrosion , pour some hot water around them and wife

    2.) Now remove the clamps close to the battery.

    3.) Take the old battery out and replace with new one , making sure the positive and negative are in the same place as the old battery

    4.) Clamp it back on

    5.) connect and bolt the terminals

    6.) Apply Vaseline around both terminals for protection.

  NOTE :- In certain European cars , the car's computer has to be told that it has a new battery now. This is for it to adjust and optimize the charging cycle. or in other words , the battery has to be registered. Dealers will do this for a fee. If you don't want it registered by the dealer, look up at the specialized forums of your car to get this done. It is an easy process , you just need the correct programing/OBD cable and software for your car to do that.