Correct Way to check the Oil Level

Most cars usually have a long stick of metal that goes all the way into the engine to the bottom. This stick is usually called the Oil Dip stick. Most car manuals explicitly suggest the location of this oil level indicator. Here is what a dip stick looks like :

See above for an approxiamte location of where it is situated in an engine. As seen in the 2 examples , the yellows dip stick location might vary.


Here is the precise way to do it. Make sure the engine is cold , like early mornings

  1. Locate where the Oil Dip stick it is. Make sure you don’t confuse it with the tranny oil dip stick
  2. Pull it out and wipe off the oil at the bottom with a cloth or tissue.
  3. Put it back and wait 3 seconds
  4. Pull it out to get a clear indication of where the oil.
  5. Make sure it is above the minimum level.
  6. It it is not , add a Quart of  Recommended Oil (see Oil Change Topic)

NOTE :-  For Cars with out Oil Dip Stick , use the Onboard computer to find the Oil Level.  See the User Manual on how to display this information. See examples of on board oil information Screen.

Inspection Interval :-  I check the level once a month or before a long road trip.  These are for average driving about 1000 miles a month. Now if you drive 200 miles a day , better check every week - Get the idea ?