Engine Replacement

If you have a damaged engine , for most cases it makes cost sense to replace than do a rebuild. You can buy either buy used or rebuild engines. Going with used engines makes a lot of sense cost wise if you are able to find a used engine between  50 to 80K miles or lower. If you are doing the replacement yourself you might need to rent or buy an engine hoist. You might also consider more budget for the following additional needs :

1.) Replace Engine mounts ? - Does your current mounts look ok ? If no you might need new ones.

2.) New Coolant - You may save the old coolant by draining it first and collecting it and re-using it. Or you may discard it and go with new coolant.

3.) Certain Hoses - The used engine usually comes with rubber hoses attached to it. Do all of them look good? If there is anything with a cut or injury in it , you might need new.

4.) New Engine Oil & Oil Filter

5.) Spark Plugs :- Take the spark plugs out of the used engine , does it look good ? Adjust the gaps or put new ones.

6.) Supplies - Engine cleaner , Shop Towels , containers to collect Fluids ,


Where to Buy Used Engines :-

1.) Used Auto Parts Stores

2.) Car Salvage Junk Yards

3.) Online - Popular sites like EBAY


Most Junk Yards are part of an Integrated database and you can get online and search that for available engines and their mileage, that are nearest to your ZIP code. When you purchase these , these are usually shipped in a wooden pallet and  delivered by a delivery truck and not by UPS for FEDEX. Because this is a used engine , there will be some risk ( however small ) involved. Ask the seller if they offer a warranty , most times they , either a 60 day or 90 Day warranty

Best Approach when replacing engine at a Shop : -

If you do not want to replace your own engine , you would be better off getting it done from a local home grown repair shops specializing in your vehicle type. Always call two to three  shops and get a comparison quote.  As usual , ask the costs - Part and Labor. the part cost will be the cost of the engine ,if they source it for you. Ask them the cost of just labor if you bring in a used engine from your own source. If you are able find an engine cheaper by your own means , you can save a few hundred dollars by having it shipped to the shop and you just pay for the labor.

Moreover you can even save some time , since you can ensure that the engine is delivered in a timely manner to the shop. This is because , sometimes the shop puts an order for  used engine and they may not have the incentive to follow up for its timely procurement and delivery. You don't need to pay to discard your old/damaged engine , you can sell it and make at-least a hundred or couple easily on local classifieds as a 'damaged engine'.