First Time Auto Insurance Buyer Tips

First Time & Below 25Yr Old Insurance Buyer Tips

The 25 years or less old people are treated somewhat differently by the insurance companies.  The person, who falls under this age category, is charged with higher insurance premium for the automobiles. This is a standard practice followed by   almost every insurance company. The reason behind this is nothing but the statistics that show aggressive driving by the people of this age category. History depicts higher than average road accidents made by this age group. This high premium can sometimes be a burden on the young auto owner.  To help them out, we provide some guidelines that would help in lowering the auto insurance premium for this age group.

1. Getting added to an existing auto insurance

Being added to an existing policy is more economical than Buying a new insurance policy. The auto insurance policy of parents’ can be considered for being added to.  This would make the premium relatively low, as a single insurance issuer company would cover more than one vehicle. This may not be an option for you if you just moved to this country.

2.  Opting for driver-monitoring device

Some insurance company offer reduced premium based on your driving habits. For obtaining your driving habit they offer a OBD II driver-monitoring device that you need to opt in for a few months of usage.  This device plugs into the OBD port of your car a logs a few engine parameters like speed and breaking. So you stand to save a bit more if you decide to sign up.

3. Making the driving history clean

Insurance companies consider the driving history while determining the premium. If you can keep your driving history clean, you can get reduced premium rate. Therefore, being careful, while driving, will benefit you.

4.  Avoiding cars that are considered risky

Insurance companies charge higher premium to the owner of specific autos that are considered risky more vulnerable to the accidents. Avoiding those particular automobiles from owning is obviously beneficial. As an example, Ford Mustangs of RED color carries higher premiums than of other Fords.

5. Deductibles are vital to the premium rate determination

Deductible is a part of compensation that has to be paid by you before insurer pays, against any automobile accidents. An insurance policy with higher deductible make you pay more and therefore, the premium gets low.

6.  Attending traffic school promptly , if you get a ticket

Anybody who has received a ticket for a driving related event driving should attend the traffic school (online or offline) Otherwise, your driving record will be  degraded, and you may  end up with a higher premium.

7.   Compare quotes from different insurer

Like we said in multiple places, visiting local offices of several insurers and browsing through the web for online quotes from different insurers and comparing is definitely beneficial. This way, you can find the most affordable policy.