How To charge your car's battery

Battery Charging How To :

First Step : Make sure you have the Battery charger specified in the tools section. Take a minute to identify the Red  (+ve) and Black (-ve) of the Charger Unit. Also see the current settings switch. Usually these will be indicated by 10A , 2A , Trickle etc. Higher the current rating faster the charging time. Some batteries needed to be charged at low current , so look out for the type of your specific battery in your car.

Second step :- Identify the location of the battery or the charging port in your car . Most owners manual will have some information or you  can look it up online. In come cars the battery is not in plain sight and often kept in the trunk corners or under the rear or passenger seats. In those cases you can expect the hood area to have the charging / Jumping terminal ( a thick one) covered by a red cap (refer manual).

Type of Battery :- In the US most cars have the traditional Lead Acid battery. These are also known by fancy names like – Absorbed Glass Mat ( AGM ) battery, Valve Regulated Lead Acid ( VRLA ) battery.  These can be charged by low and high current mode. Refer the manual or internet for charger ratings.

The other type of battery is the GEL type , these have to charged using trickle mode and uses special charging cycle and would not recommend it done at home , unless you have the charger specifically made for GEL type

How to connect :-  That is fairly simple , connect the red terminal clipper of the charger to the +ve or red terminal of the charging port. The Back or (-ve) terminal clipper can be connected to ground, i.e a nut or bolt nearby that is attached directly to the body of the car.

At this time , turn on the Charger and see the Ammeter (the one showing current ) rise up , suggesting that current is being delivered to the battery. 

After the duration of the suggested charge time , unplug everything and this will complete your charging cycle.

NOTE :- If you can take the battery out physically (see the section on battery replacement) , you can even take to a discount parts store to get it charged. Most stores offer free charging service.