Optional Tools for Repairs

Here is a list of Optional Tools for Repairs if you want to get a bit serious with maintaining cars :

Battery Charger: - Something to charge your battery, if it gets discharged or if it nears end of life.

Creeper: - For easy creeping under the car. Sometimes this comes as a set with your purchase of Jack and Jack stands.

Mechanics Creeper


OBD2  Reader : OBD2 Reader should be a must have tool for home mechanics.  This is the Electronic tool that displays Engine Error codes in the event of a malfunction or check engine lights. This tool is generic and will read out the error codes and let you reset the check engine light.. Basic ones just have a LCD and a little keyboard like picture here.

Advanced ones connect to the host PC/Laptop  or Tablets using Serial Port /USB or Bluetooth. A Software GUI application is usually supplied with these cables.

I personally preder the ones that I can hook up to the Laptop and can run software to diagnose and also read several sensor values . You can buy these online or even your parts store.  For certain cars you might need CAN/D-CAN supported varients. Before you jump out and buy one of these, locate the OBD2 Diagnostic port on your car and find out which is the best tool. As a side note , most Auto Parts stores , for FREE will help you a read the Error code on a check engine light , you just need to ask them.

Other optional tools good to have :

Air Compressor and compressor accessory set : You can never go wrong with investing in an air compressor for your garage. These have many many applications incuding inflating tires , mattresses, run impact tools, air dusting , spray painting and to run all types of air tools. An accessory kit comes with a cable, many brass adapters and tips needed to mate the compressor to attachments. A minimum  5 Gal compressor is recommended, since any lower might not be able to run impact tools.

Air/Impact Tools : Air tools are helpful to reduce  effort needed to do mechanical tasks. You can see these being used at tire shops on the wheel nuts. The tools inclued impact wrench , air ratchet and impact sockets as seen below :

You can buy a good value air/impact tool set as shown below , if you dont want to buy them piece by piece.

I sometimes like to use the air ratchet to reach areas where it is bit hard to get mechanical leverage due to space limitations.

Adujutable Wrench C-Clamps - needed to hold and grab nuts etc.

Torque Wrench : This is the tool that is used to torque a bolt to the required torque specifications. These are available as mechanical and digital. Seen below is a mechanical torque wrench.

Span-On's TechWrench is a one of the finest digital wrench to own.

Spark Plug Gauge - These gauges can be used to adjust the gap in spark plugs especially the round one shown below. The feeler type ones is used for adjusting valve tappet gaps.

Ring Spanner Set - Sometime a Ring Spanner set proves to be quite handy on reaching certain bolts around the engine and parts. So it is also a good tool to have around the garage.


Multimeter (DMM) / Volt Meter - For measuring anything electrical - Battery Voltage , Wiring , Testing etc you cant do without a nice DMM.