A recent new car buying experience VW story !!!

Recently a car buyer in the Los Angeles area,  took advises from desicarguide.com and went about to buy them a new car at a great deal.I did ask him to do a summary of his experiece so that fellow car buyers can have some insight on the things I talk about here. Here is his email I received .

Story from used car to new car (The story with car dealerships)

So I started looking for used vehicles around end of June 2013. I already had in mind what I wanted, the VW GTI. I had in mind something that a year or two old and with the least amount of mileage, logically. To my surprise, all what I found (not a lot either) were all priced at almost a couple of grands less than what the 2013 brand new model is. I even went to CARMAX (worst place ever, to buy or even sell your car), and to several VW dealers around my area. At this point seeing this minor difference, I shifted my decision and said, let me go for a new one.
So I started calling official VW dealers in Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Pasadena, ... even Santa Barbara and Las Vegas! I even visited a few others as well. I was able after playing the game of negotiation to get my NEW GTI (Wolfsburg edition) MUCH less than what it is selling (MSRP). In short, I bought my brand new GTI much less than what a used one (1& 2 yrs) is selling and I could not believe my eyes. I guess it pays off to get your own financing (and never say that tot he dealer,  except tell them that you are paying in cash) and negotiating and walking away. Believe me, even if they don't get back to you, you are better off trying elsewhere. They would tell you it is impossible, and that the other dealer is bluffing you over the phone. Well if you can get a verbal accord you are good. Once you go there to actually sit down and buy the car, they will try to play the game again. If they do, just say that you don't want to waste time and that you have other deals. They will then go back to a lower price (they will say, let us run it through the system). It is all crap, but just play the waiting game UNTIL YOU GET THE PRICE YOU WANT. Never show that you are dying to buy, BIG MISTAKE, and NEVER SIGN ON YOUR FIRST SHOW AT THE DEALER UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS THE BEST PRICE. Then they will try to hook you up on their financing, and they will say it will be the only way they can offer you that price. Again, this is crap. They will then say that they need to roll over and you need to take the car now so you need to finance with them for a few days. Again, this is horse shit. You have cashier's check from your bank or credit union (credit unions are in general a much better option for financing by the way) that you give them after getting from them a purchase contract and sending it to your bank. The purchase order says all the details of what you will be paying as out-the-door (OTD) price, so make sure it is all correct. You give them the check in the next two business days and you drive off with your car. It is possible that they can ask for a deposit of a few hundred dollars that can be discounted from your balance with your bank/credit union. Before ending my talk on my adventure, they also try yo sign you up on extended warranty, and waxing, rust guarantee, and more crap. Opt out! Do not take it. It is all crap. They will tell you that you are getting those features at an incredible price and that you can not add them again in the future, it is all crap. They will make it sound like it is now or never. Don't fall for this. Cross it out and sign with no worries. You can always get that for cheaper at any time in the future. A lesson in general, whenever you are with a car dealer and they tell you its now or never, that is HUGE sign telling you, DON'T DO IT. That is my experience, for me it worked marvelously. Hope it does for you too. It is no guarantee, but it is better to be educated than not to be.