Replace Light Bulbs - Head Light , Tail Light , Turn Lights , Brake Lights

Light Bulbs are one of those things if they are out ,  will get you pulled over ..'Sir your Tail light is OUT'

Most light bulbs are pretty easy to change, since most cars make it extremely easy to access the area where the light bulb goes into the socket of the reflectors. One thing to Keep in mind that these bulbs have multiple filaments and even if one is blown, you need to change the whole bulb. So you will have a bulb where the "High beam" might work , but  low/regular will not.

Head Lights :-  Open the Hood and access the area where the the bulb sockets go in. Disconnect the power supply going to the bulb. Twist the bulb around firmly and pull it out of the holder. Replace it with a bulb of same rating. For example if it is rated 35W , replace with similar rating. Best option is to take it to the parts store and they will get you the same match.  See examples of head light bulbs and replacement  here :

Tail Lights,Brake Lights :- Similar to the Head lights , except that inside the trunk , these bulbs will be behind the flaps covering them and you might have to remove the flap/shield before you access the Tail Light fixture. See example of a replacement here.

Interior Lights , Accessory Lights :- Similar to above.  Find a way to open the cover or shield to get to the Bulb. See here for some examlpes of tail and inside lights.

One thing to note is that , most car manufacturers realize that bulbs can fuse out and , so they design the light fixtures to make these easily accessible to replace.  If you keep that in mind , most bulb replacements will be a breeze.