What to Look for in a used car ?

No matter who inspects a car, with a used car purchase you are always taking some amount of risk. Once you keep that in mind, the next best thing to do is mitigate it by doing a through inspection. Usually the rule i recommend to my friends is :-

1.) For a used car value under 1 to 2K$ , just go do a self inspection , if all is good buy it

2.) For a used car value 2K < 5K$ , get a buyers check at the franchise or local  auto repair store

3.) For a used car >5K , get a dealer level buyers inspection.


If you plan to get the vehicle inspected , make sure to call and tell the seller about it.Most sellers are ok with it and some are even happy to drop it off at the authorized dealer to have it inspected it. The inspection fee is usually paid by the buyer at most times.


Self Inspection :-

Here are the important points for self inspection :-

1.) Condition

2.) Paint / Paint chipping

3.) Interior - Smoked or not

4.) Any type of leaks

5.) See the title - and make sure that the person selling has the name of the title as well. 


Buyers Check :- Franchise auto stores are basically not experts in your particular brand of make/model. But they do have an inexpensive 40 or 60 point buyers check for under $60.00 This basic check should be able figure out anything obvious with the car, Like a major oil leak or the condition of the transmission or any cover up of an accident and so on.


Dealer Level Buyers Inspection :- These inspections cost more and are more through. Usually you have to call ahead the nearest authorized dealer and schedule time with the service department to perform the inspection. You may even request your seller to drop off the car at the authorized dealer. In most times they are happy to do so.