Where to source or buy auto parts from?

Ok now that you have identified that you need a new alternator or starter motor  or a steering rack , where do you source it from ?  Here are the sources listed in order of decreasing cost except the authorised dealers.

1.) Discount Parts Store - Stores like Advance Auto, Auto Zone , O'reilly , PEPBOYS etc.  I usually use these for supplies and wear and tear items - like Oil , Air Filter , Brake Pads and sometime a starter motor. Be sure to check their online store for special deals and coupons

2.) Car Junk Yards or You pull stores or Used parts places  :- These places have piles and piles of used ,wrecked or damaged cars where you can remove parts from.  For example :- Lets say you brought a used car that has the passenger side rear  view mirror damaged. Your nearest parts store is not going to have such a part.  OR lets say you need some plastic /cosmetic parts like door handles and such.  So you can go to to your nearest junk yard and actually remove these parts from a similar car. Just call them ahead to make sure they have similar models in stock. At Junk yards you can also find some engine and related parts in great shape :- Alternator , Starters , Head , Steering Racks , Suspension parts and other hard to find parts. Going to a Junk yard is basically hit or miss so keep that in mind.


3.) EBay and online stores- Where as with a Junk yard you need to , sweat it out with your tools and remove the part  and later deal with bouncer type dudes, all this and more in neatly packed boxes will be delivered to your door step if you buy on EBAY. Basically a lot of these Junk yards car  places have stores on eBay where they offer these pre-pulled items. Usually they even offer a warranty and refund or replacements.  In addition EBay also has lots of new parts stores that might offer you parts for the cheap , so check out eBay and save money. You can also browse parts on Amazon and also online stores that specialize in Japanses or European OEM parts.

4.) Official Dealer and their online Stores :-  Most authorized car dealers have a "Parts Department" where they sell OEM/genuine parts.  Most of the dealers also run an online shopping website now a days. These websites run by official dealers usually list parts and supplies in stock and you can buy them in the comfort of your home. They also offer specials on maintenance items like - Oil , Oil filter , air filter and most fluids. See example of a parts secion of a dealer.

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