Wiper Blade Change How To

You will know when it is time to replace the wiper  blades when you see, smudge lines and dirt still left in your wind shield , even after running the wiper a few times.  Bad wipers are not something you want to run into with during a storm. Also the dirt and smudge might create a glare for night time driving. So it is better to change the wiper every year per season, like spring time.

Wiper Blade change is pretty easy and most wipers are screw-less and held on to the wiper arm by a plastic insert or tab.  Remove the old wiper by releasing the tab and prying the blade out of the arm. Before you remove , make a mental note of how it the blade fits into the arm. 

Some times it is economical just to change the rubber wiper inserts. The inserts are the rubber part that go in the blade and help to wipe the glass

Replace with similar length blades . These come in sizes like 17" , 18" 21"  etc and so on.  Also NOTE that passenger side blades are shorter than driver side. Wally has good prices on these blades for most cars , they also have a look up chart for cars.

For European cars , you can buy the blades or just the inserts  online or at the dealer parts stores.