A recent new car buying experience VW story !!!

Recently a car buyer in the Los Angeles area,  took advises from and went about to buy them a new car at a great deal.I did ask him to do a summary of his experiece so that fellow car buyers can have some insight on the things I talk about here. Here is his email I received .

Story from used car to new car (The story with car dealerships)

Salvage Cars and when to buy them.

Salvage cars are those that may require extensive repair works and the expense for that repair is greater than the price/ value of that car. Whenever this situation arises, the car is declared salvage. In certain cases, if there is a significant damage on the frame of the car due to an event like accident or hurricane, it is also determined to be salvage by the inspection agency. In some cases cars with no damage, like a theft recovery are re-branded and titled as salvage.

Leasing Vs Buying - How to decide ?

In the US about 20% of the new cars are leased. Leasing is the process where you can 'rent' a new car for a typical 3 year period with an agreed upon usage like 30,000 Miles or 36,000 Miles. As an incentive, most car manufacturers throw in promotions and FREE maintenance during the lease period. For some people, the "FREE maintenance" factor itself can be a big motivator even though leasing ends up being expensive.

Auctions Buying Guide

You would have often heard others say 'ohh I got this car at the auction and I saved quite a bit', you may be wondering how that is done. In the USA cars are also sold at auctions, some of which are exclusive to Car Dealers only. Here I try to explain the different type of auctions and how you as a beginner can take advantage and save money.


For the first time car buyer in the USA.

If you just came to the country , first things first - A big welcome to you.  I am sure you are looking around and observing the different ways means and techniques of living in this great country. And I am sure that these are way off than that you would do back in India or your native country. So you would have discovered almost instantly that a car is a means here , a necessity , instead of a comfort or luxury.

Used car buying guide

To be Updated Soon.

Best Practices - Purchase from a Private Party.


1.) DO not WIRE or Western Union Money

2.) Always go in peron and meet

3.) Do not respond to scam /phishing emails on ads

4.) Take a buddy or someone else , try not to go by yourself.

Vehicle History Report Introduction

Each vehicle sold in the US is identified by a unique number commonly called as the Vehicle Identification Number or the VIN. You can find this number in the vehicle title or under the car windshield of the Driver Side corner. There are additional places where manufacturers place VIN including the Driver’s door and the door frame area. Sometimes also under the hood cover and the trunk cover as well.

Financing your vehicle - Introduction and Tips

Auto Finance Introduction:

Tips for Buying New Cars

Back before the internet , buying a  new car would involve walking in and out on car dealers and falling prey to several of their perfected and time tested sales tricks and scams.  Now with the internet you can get competitive pricing from several new car dealers and also shop in the comfort of your armchair.  Before I give you some tips , I would like to highlight where the dealer makes most money off you.

Who is cheaper - a car dealer or a private seller ?


Besides getting Brand NEW cars from the manufacturer, dealers often get late or current model cars for real cheap from many sources. Here is a list where the dealers get cars from :


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