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Introduction to car buying and most car topics discussed here.

A recent new car buying experience VW story !!!

Recently a car buyer in the Los Angeles area,  took advises from and went about to buy them a new car at a great deal.I did ask him to do a summary of his experiece so that fellow car buyers can have some insight on the things I talk about here. Here is his email I received .

Story from used car to new car (The story with car dealerships)

For the first time car buyer in the USA.

If you just came to the country , first things first - A big welcome to you.  I am sure you are looking around and observing the different ways means and techniques of living in this great country. And I am sure that these are way off than that you would do back in India or your native country. So you would have discovered almost instantly that a car is a means here , a necessity , instead of a comfort or luxury.

Tips for Buying New Cars

Back before the internet , buying a  new car would involve walking in and out on car dealers and falling prey to several of their perfected and time tested sales tricks and scams.  Now with the internet you can get competitive pricing from several new car dealers and also shop in the comfort of your armchair.  Before I give you some tips , I would like to highlight where the dealer makes most money off you.

Who is cheaper - a car dealer or a private seller ?


Besides getting Brand NEW cars from the manufacturer, dealers often get late or current model cars for real cheap from many sources. Here is a list where the dealers get cars from :

Where to buy from and how much to pay ?

After you have identified which model cars to purchase, it is a good time to find out how much it would cost. Do not believe the number and figure you see on TV , Print ads , they can be significantly different depending on options and other factors.

Please note that you can buy a new car from official dealers only. Whereas used cars can be purchased from many sources that include :-

1.) Private Sellers like you and me.

Auto Buying Introduction

Introduction :-

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