Used Cars

Salvage Cars and when to buy them.

Salvage cars are those that may require extensive repair works and the expense for that repair is greater than the price/ value of that car. Whenever this situation arises, the car is declared salvage. In certain cases, if there is a significant damage on the frame of the car due to an event like accident or hurricane, it is also determined to be salvage by the inspection agency. In some cases cars with no damage, like a theft recovery are re-branded and titled as salvage.

Used car buying guide

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Best Practices - Purchase from a Private Party.


1.) DO not WIRE or Western Union Money

2.) Always go in peron and meet

3.) Do not respond to scam /phishing emails on ads

4.) Take a buddy or someone else , try not to go by yourself.

What to Look for in a used car ?

No matter who inspects a car, with a used car purchase you are always taking some amount of risk. Once you keep that in mind, the next best thing to do is mitigate it by doing a through inspection. Usually the rule i recommend to my friends is :-

1.) For a used car value under 1 to 2K$ , just go do a self inspection , if all is good buy it

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