Where to buy from and how much to pay ?

After you have identified which model cars to purchase, it is a good time to find out how much it would cost. Do not believe the number and figure you see on TV , Print ads , they can be significantly different depending on options and other factors.

Please note that you can buy a new car from official dealers only. Whereas used cars can be purchased from many sources that include :-

1.) Private Sellers like you and me.

Auto Buying Introduction

Introduction :-

What to Look for in a used car ?

No matter who inspects a car, with a used car purchase you are always taking some amount of risk. Once you keep that in mind, the next best thing to do is mitigate it by doing a through inspection. Usually the rule i recommend to my friends is :-

1.) For a used car value under 1 to 2K$ , just go do a self inspection , if all is good buy it


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