Maintanence Timeline and Preventive Maintanence Ideas

The basic idea here is that your car needs regular maintenance. If you plan to give it a blind eye, it will cost you far far more to fix an issue. There is a timeline for changing oil,air filter,spark plugs,brake pads, transmission fluid, coolant flush and such. This information is in your user/service manual

Engine Warning Lights and Troubleshooting

The good thing about modern day cars is that they are loaded with computers and sensors. These basically take most of the guess work out of the diagnosis and troubleshooting process.

Getting familiar under the Hood

It is extremely important to know what are the key things under the hood. First thing to find out will be how to pop the hood open.

Car basics and maintanence for beginners

Like they say ‘prevention is better than cure’, good maintenance goes a long way to keep the vehicle far away from a repair shop.  Your car’s original user manual is your best friend here. If your car did not come with one, I would highly suggest to get on eBay or amazon and buy a used manual. You can also ask a friend if he has the same model car, or even ask the random friendly guy in the parking lot, if you think he has the same model car.

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