Dealing with Auto Repair shops

Avoid common auto repair shop scams

Before you read this topic make sure to read the introduction here. If you have lived in the US , I can guarantee that you would been an "upsell" victim. Basically you ended up purchasing a service or product you really really didn't need. The same strategy applies in repair shops too , in a "forced" manner.

Best Practices dealing with Repair Shops

Best Practices -

1.) Call multiple repair shops for quotes. (Atleast 2-3 shops)

2.) Call a dealer for Quotes

3.) Ask for the split bill - part and labor

Auto Repair Shops - Introduction

In the US , the word 'Repair' in Auto Repair shop is a big misnomer. They should be more correctly called 'Auto Part Replacement Shop'.  There is no repair involved in the shop what so ever. They are all in a frenzy to change out what ever part comes close to your issue at hand. This applies to both Dealers and the franchise repair stores. Some local, independent and specialized repair shops are an exception to this.

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