Light Repairs

Where to source or buy auto parts from?

Ok now that you have identified that you need a new alternator or starter motor  or a steering rack , where do you source it from ?  Here are the sources listed in order of decreasing cost except the authorised dealers.

Changing Serpentine or Accesssory Belts

This belts drive connect the main engine rotor to other parts that need the rotational power - like the water pump,Alternator, Power Steering Pump, Air Condition Compressor and the FAN that cools the radiator. It varies from car to car and all cars will have some form of belt driving a bunch of  "accessories". Most of the serpentine-belt installations use a spring-loaded tensioning pulley that maintains a constant load(or tension) on the belt, eliminating the need to adjust the tension.

Coolant leaks - Replacing Radiator Hoses and Engine Thermostat

About the thermostat.

Alternator / Generator Symptoms and Replacement

An alternator is the device that spins and generates current that is used to charge your battery.  It also provides power to run your lights and other electric accessories on your car while it is running. There is electronics to monitor and control the charging process. The Red Battery light on your dash board comes from this circuit and tells if you there is a malfunction of the charging circuit. Sometimes the light will not show all malfunctions.

Starter Motor Symptoms and Replacement

 Diagnosis :- These are the symptoms to look for, for a problem with the Starter Motor On turning the key in the ignition :

     1.) there is a light click sound from the Relay.

     2.) there is a light click sound from the Starter Motor itself

How to do a Coolant Flush

Coolant Flush is the Process of taking out the old coolant and replacing it with new one.

Brake Pad Replacement and Brake Repair

Brake Pads - With regular usage , the brake pads get worn out and need a replacement. Most car manufacturers suggest 30 to 35K miles but actual can be less or more , depending on the terrain and your driving habits.

Fill and Check Airconditioning AC Coolant

Fill AC Refrigrant (FREON) - AC System malfunctions and even completely shuts down if the Refrigerant pressure is low or if it is high. If the pressure is high ,the ac may shut down usually in the summer days, when the outside temperature is quite high. So when the AC starts blowing warm air, you know that it is time to check the freon pressure . Ofcourse the assumption here is that the all else is fine :- AC Belt , The AC compressor itself , and the hoses and pipes have now leak and sensors are ok.

Spark Plug Adjust and Replacement

Spark Plug replacemnt and adjustment is infact a maintanence event and not a repair item. Although the maufacturers sometimes recommned a replacement interval as high as 90K miles , it is a good idea to open these and check them at a 3rd of the interal- example every 30K miles.

Battery Symptom and Replacement Guide

Most batteries have a life span of 3 to 7 years depending on the quality and ambient weather. After 3 to 4 year you should be on the look out for the set of symptoms that result from a weak battery. Symptoms included car unable to start or the starter doing weak cranks.


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