Where to source or buy auto parts from?

Ok now that you have identified that you need a new alternator or starter motor  or a steering rack , where do you source it from ?  Here are the sources listed in order of decreasing cost except the authorised dealers.

How to accept payment for your car ?

  During a Sale there are many scams and frauds to watch out for. Always do an in person and meet direct sale.  Please do the sale transactions on your own terms. What if the buyer won’t agree to these terms? Just don’t sell them the car. It’s as simple as that. No legitimate buyer is unwilling to for example - go to a bank with you. Here are your options for receiving payments.

Selling : Used car Value, Preparation Photos and Listing

There could be a bit of work that goes into selling your used car. Here is the overview of all the steps you are going to need to take from preparing your used car to listing/marketing it and the best practices for selling used cars.

Avoid common auto repair shop scams

Before you read this topic make sure to read the introduction here. If you have lived in the US , I can guarantee that you would been an "upsell" victim. Basically you ended up purchasing a service or product you really really didn't need. The same strategy applies in repair shops too , in a "forced" manner.

Used car buying guide

To be Updated Soon.

Best Practices - Purchase from a Private Party.


1.) DO not WIRE or Western Union Money

2.) Always go in peron and meet

3.) Do not respond to scam /phishing emails on ads

4.) Take a buddy or someone else , try not to go by yourself.

Vehicle History Report Introduction

Each vehicle sold in the US is identified by a unique number commonly called as the Vehicle Identification Number or the VIN. You can find this number in the vehicle title or under the car windshield of the Driver Side corner. There are additional places where manufacturers place VIN including the Driver’s door and the door frame area. Sometimes also under the hood cover and the trunk cover as well.

Financing your vehicle - Introduction and Tips

Auto Finance Introduction:

Tips for Buying New Cars

Back before the internet , buying a  new car would involve walking in and out on car dealers and falling prey to several of their perfected and time tested sales tricks and scams.  Now with the internet you can get competitive pricing from several new car dealers and also shop in the comfort of your armchair.  Before I give you some tips , I would like to highlight where the dealer makes most money off you.

Best Practices - When Purchasing from a local authorized dealer.

Our friends at carbuyingtips.com have possibly the most comprehensive tips on buying cars in the US. They also cover a variety of scams , shady deals and offer tips , suggestions and alerts. I would highly recommend you to read their topics and if possible print it out before you start your car purchase quests. Below is some the individual situations that you might run into :-

Who is cheaper - a car dealer or a private seller ?


Besides getting Brand NEW cars from the manufacturer, dealers often get late or current model cars for real cheap from many sources. Here is a list where the dealers get cars from :


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