Where to buy from and how much to pay ?

After you have identified which model cars to purchase, it is a good time to find out how much it would cost. Do not believe the number and figure you see on TV , Print ads , they can be significantly different depending on options and other factors.

Please note that you can buy a new car from official dealers only. Whereas used cars can be purchased from many sources that include :-

1.) Private Sellers like you and me.

Auto Buying Introduction

Introduction :-

How to Jump Start a car

    First thing you need would be a jumper cable. If you don't have one, ask a nearby car , a lot of folks carry that cable.  Jump basically is supplying electric power from a good battery to a battery that is discharged or weak.

Tools You Need - Introduction

In this section we have listed the requirements to have a minimum in-expensive setup for your home ‘garage’. First thing is a location or a flat (preferably shady ) level area  to park your car. For those with garages and decent drive- ways this not a problem. For those  living in apartments, most of the time it is ok to do minor DIY repair and maintenance in the parking lot itself.

Tools and important items to be kept in your car at all times

Tools and important items to be kept in your car at all times :

Optional Tools for Repairs

Here is a list of Optional Tools for Repairs if you want to get a bit serious with maintaining cars :

Battery Charger: - Something to charge your battery, if it gets discharged or if it nears end of life.

How To charge your car's battery

Battery Charging How To :

Best Practices dealing with Repair Shops

Best Practices -

1.) Call multiple repair shops for quotes. (Atleast 2-3 shops)

2.) Call a dealer for Quotes

3.) Ask for the split bill - part and labor

Maintanence Timeline and Preventive Maintanence Ideas

The basic idea here is that your car needs regular maintenance. If you plan to give it a blind eye, it will cost you far far more to fix an issue. There is a timeline for changing oil,air filter,spark plugs,brake pads, transmission fluid, coolant flush and such. This information is in your user/service manual

Auto Repair Shops - Introduction

In the US , the word 'Repair' in Auto Repair shop is a big misnomer. They should be more correctly called 'Auto Part Replacement Shop'.  There is no repair involved in the shop what so ever. They are all in a frenzy to change out what ever part comes close to your issue at hand. This applies to both Dealers and the franchise repair stores. Some local, independent and specialized repair shops are an exception to this.


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