How to check and top the Coolant, Brake, Power Steering and Washer Fluids.

The most critical aspect of topping these important fluids is NEVER to get it done by the franchise auto repair shops. They may not use the recommended fluid for your car. Do not jump out and buy the fluid from the discount stores with out consulting the owners manual.

Correct Way to check the Oil Level

Most cars usually have a long stick of metal that goes all the way into the engine to the bottom. This stick is usually called the Oil Dip stick. Most car manuals explicitly suggest the location of this oil level indicator. Here is what a dip stick looks like :

The Oil Change - Why, when,where, what

I am here to tell you that an oil change is fun and the best way to get down and dirty with your car. ..I mean literally.  It is easy and will bring you satisfaction as well.


Now you might ask why anyone one want to do this, when there are specials by the auto repair stores for like $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99. 

Preparing for Repairs and some good practices

You would need most of the tools that is recommend in the maintenance section. In addition you might require some specialized tools , that will be introduced for the specific repair job.  But before that , your best friend here will be the "Factory Repair / Service Manual".  For older cars you can buy a CHILTON or HAYNES Repair guide.

Getting familiar under the Hood

It is extremely important to know what are the key things under the hood. First thing to find out will be how to pop the hood open.

Car basics and maintanence for beginners

Like they say ‘prevention is better than cure’, good maintenance goes a long way to keep the vehicle far away from a repair shop.  Your car’s original user manual is your best friend here. If your car did not come with one, I would highly suggest to get on eBay or amazon and buy a used manual. You can also ask a friend if he has the same model car, or even ask the random friendly guy in the parking lot, if you think he has the same model car.

Basic Home Garage Tools

Mechanics Tool Set or Socket set: - I highly recommend getting the 154 pc or 200 pc Craftsman Mechanics tool.  Sears, Kmart have specials on these tools. Costco also carries a selection of Craftsman tools. The good thing about Craftsman tools is that it carries a lifetime warranty, which means, if a wrench goes bad, just take to any Sears store across the nation and they will replace it –no receipt required, and no questions asked.

What to Look for in a used car ?

No matter who inspects a car, with a used car purchase you are always taking some amount of risk. Once you keep that in mind, the next best thing to do is mitigate it by doing a through inspection. Usually the rule i recommend to my friends is :-

1.) For a used car value under 1 to 2K$ , just go do a self inspection , if all is good buy it


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